A Love Like Water

A sheriff and his protege try to solve a rash of violent deaths in a small desert town. Part of the Centerverse series.

Augury of Water

Énna prepares for a diplomatic meeting with the Monarch of the Aerie, and Ryder tries to solve a series of mysterious drownings. Part of the Auguries series.

Poison in the Blood

A vampire tries to reconnect with an old friend.  Horror/fantasy, with elements inspired from Goblin Market, by Christina Rossetti.

Augury of Spirits

Two children explore an ancient ruin. Kidfic in the Auguries series.

Here There Be Monsters

A child’s diary.  Semi-autobiographical magical realism.

Augury of Birds

A nonbinary scholar returns home.  First in the Auguries series.


Two men searching for pixies find an unusual edifice.  Part of the Mythological London world.

The Goddess of Stories

A mythological myth.  Part of the Soul Seeker Saga world.