Original Fiction, Post-apocalyptic New Mexico

Black Glass

Rating: Explicit

Warnings: Rape/Non-con, Sibling Incest, Dubious Consent

Summary: Veli’s magic has been uncovered and, with it, his heretical connection to an ancient God at odds with that of the royal family. Koyit is ordered to punish him, but he does so in his own way. He won’t hurt the one he has promised to protect.

They say a long time ago, the Sleeper and the Nameless God clashed.  Perhaps it was in the World Before, or perhaps it was later, when the Nameless God was only a memory.  It is said that whatever the Nameless God did to anger her, they ran and hid from the Awakened Sleeper, for they were too cowardly to face her. She was beautiful, and she burned so brightly in her anger that those who saw her fell dead where they stood, bruised with the force of her majesty.  Even from further away, many folk who looked upon her sickened and died.  Some were burned; they were those who worshiped the Nameless God.  The Nameless God’s marks appearing on their skin in strange patterns revealed them to the Sleeper, and she came for them, and strange fires burned around her.

They fought in the cleared place that is a forest now, but for a long time after the battle it was a wasteland.  The Nameless God was cunning and clever, and they changed from form to form again and again—first a tiny bird, now a leaf, now a breath of air, but no matter what form they changed into they could not escape the wrath of the Sleeper, nor her beauty.  In the end, they were cast to the ground and there in the clearing the Sleeper overcame them.

Their coupling burned the Nameless God so badly that they slipped once again into hiding, but everywhere across was scattered their tears, black and frozen.  The Sleeper’s power secured, she once again became still, and the land slept.

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Original Fiction, Post-apocalyptic New Mexico

Returning by the Road We Came

Rating: Explicit

Warnings: Sibling incest

Summary: Being the younger brother of the Crown Prince is difficult, particularly when you’ve barely spoken in a year. Veli’s solution is to try to have his brother assassinated (well–he doesn’t try terribly hard). They resolve their differences very decidedly.

A/N: title from “To My Brother” by Siegfried Sassoon

with apologies to the poet

“Give me one reason I shouldn’t have you executed.”  Koyit sounded more exasperated than angry, which wasn’t exactly surprising, but it was faintly insulting.

Veli paused, looking up from the design on the scroll he had been inking.  “You’re supposed to be dead,” he said, with a little smirk that he hoped would infuriate his brother.  Koit’s lips thinned, but the hoped-for explosion didn’t come.  He just looked at Veli, and Veli found his stomach turning over unpleasantly.  This was all wrong; it wasn’t how he’d imagined it.  Koyit was supposed to be angry, not—not disappointed.

“That’s what you have to say to me?  Is that your reason?”

Veli stared down at the scroll in front of him, the vast stylized creature he had inked there seeming to mock him.  “Brother dearest,” he cooed.  “You don’t want to be the king anyway.  Just consider this my attempt to help you.”

“By killing me.”

“You’re not dead.”

“And you’re about to be!”  He slammed a hand down onto the scroll, and Veli jumped.  Anger now, at least.  A step up.  “Do you think this is a joke?”  Koyit reached for him, and Veli grabbed for the knife hidden up his sleeve; he had it out in a half moment and pointed at his brother.

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Augury Series, Original Fiction

Augury of Water

Rating: Mature

Warnings: Vicious fantasy violence, disease, drowning

Summary:  While Énna prepares to negotiate a treaty with the Aerie, Ryder tries to solve a set of mysterious drownings in the southern part of Bridehive.

A/N: Art by Zomburai.

Auguries Series

          I blinked my eyes open into watery sunlight, yawning and stretching, and reaching out blindly for Énna. My questing hand found a warm place between otherwise empty sheets, and I grumbled sadly beneath my breath. Gone again, and the sun was barely over the windowsill. He’d been working too hard, but then it wasn’t so surprising. In just a few weeks, the Monarch of the Aerie would be traveling to Bridehive to sign our treaty, and in the meantime, we were all trying to rebuild our hometown from the mess the Khar had made of it.

I was at loose ends. I’d been ordered to rest in the aftermath of my head injury, and it turned out I was not very good at it. I kept trying to sneak out and go to the library, at least, but the teachers were very serious that they meant mental rest, as well as physical. The headaches had faded almost five days ago, and at this point I was ready to stab something, just so that I could have a reason to do the purification rite. It would be better than lying in bed and staring at the ceiling.

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Original Fiction

Poison in the Blood

Rating: Teen and up

Warnings: Blood-drinking, disturbing imagery, general psychological/cosmic horror themes

Summary: A vampire receives an unusual invitation to reconnect with an old friend.

A/N: With thanks to Cyrus Eosphoros, lontradiction, and Zomburai.

For Camille

            I’ve been a vampire for about five years now. The whole thing happened when I was in my second year of uni, and it was a bit of a sordid tale, honestly. Blah blah, ex girlfriend, turned out to be a vampire, she turned me without my consent, I broke up with her, because, I mean, who does that, right?

Being a vampire is fine, don’t get me wrong. I mean, you tend to want to take a night job, because you’re draggy as hell during the day, and there’s the inevitable problem of finding a blood bank or getting really ridiculously good at catching pigeons, but all things considered, it’s not so bad. I certainly don’t mind the eternal youth aspect, although I’m lucky in that I never looked particularly young for my age, or I suspect by now I’d be getting really irritated. But I mean you have to ask. You can’t turn someone into a vampire without bloody well asking, Kate fucking McKay. I mean, I certainly wouldn’t. There was once—I got awfully close, I admit to that, and I thought I really would have to turn her without getting her consent, because the alternative—well, I’m getting ahead of myself. That’s really what the story is about. Not about Kate McKay and how she turned me, or our inevitable horrible breakup, or the part where she got staked two years later by some overeager first-years. Most of the story’s not even about me. It’s about my friend Evelyn Laura Montague the book worm and her Book.

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Augury Series, Original Fiction

Augury of Spirits

Rating: General audiences

Warnings: Mild fantasy horror

Summary: Wisdom and Nuada explore an ancient ruin after dark.

Writing and art by me.

Auguries Series

There was a chill wind blowing through the little graveyard, although with two of the three moons hanging bright in the sky above it, it wasn’t particularly dark. Wisdom crouched behind one large headstone, their small body entirely shadowed. They waited intently, peeking out to spy on the ivy-covered archway that formed the entrance. Several times, they thought they saw movement, but each time it turned out to be the flickering of the dappled shadows on the pathway when the wind blew through the trees overhead.

They had almost started to nod off when they heard soft footfalls approaching. They yawned widely, pressing their hand to their mouth, then leaned up and waited as the small figure made its way cautiously down the path and poked its head into the graveyard. “S-S-Song?” it called, a little tremulous.

Wisdom waited for a moment as the child shifted from foot to foot, wringing their hands, then leapt out from behind the grave with a yell. The other child shrieked and jumped about a foot in the air. They turned, about to run away, but Wisdom reached out and grabbed the back of their neck, almost unable to stand for laughter. “It’s just me.”

“You thrice-damned prick!” sputtered their friend.

“Aw, Nuada. You just squawk so cutely.”

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