Original Fiction, Post-apocalyptic New Mexico

Returning by the Road We Came

Rating: Explicit

Warnings: Sibling incest

Summary: Being the younger brother of the Crown Prince is difficult, particularly when you’ve barely spoken in a year. Veli’s solution is to try to have his brother assassinated (well–he doesn’t try terribly hard). They resolve their differences very decidedly.

A/N: title from “To My Brother” by Siegfried Sassoon

with apologies to the poet

“Give me one reason I shouldn’t have you executed.”  Koyit sounded more exasperated than angry, which wasn’t exactly surprising, but it was faintly insulting.

Veli paused, looking up from the design on the scroll he had been inking.  “You’re supposed to be dead,” he said, with a little smirk that he hoped would infuriate his brother.  Koit’s lips thinned, but the hoped-for explosion didn’t come.  He just looked at Veli, and Veli found his stomach turning over unpleasantly.  This was all wrong; it wasn’t how he’d imagined it.  Koyit was supposed to be angry, not—not disappointed.

“That’s what you have to say to me?  Is that your reason?”

Veli stared down at the scroll in front of him, the vast stylized creature he had inked there seeming to mock him.  “Brother dearest,” he cooed.  “You don’t want to be the king anyway.  Just consider this my attempt to help you.”

“By killing me.”

“You’re not dead.”

“And you’re about to be!”  He slammed a hand down onto the scroll, and Veli jumped.  Anger now, at least.  A step up.  “Do you think this is a joke?”  Koyit reached for him, and Veli grabbed for the knife hidden up his sleeve; he had it out in a half moment and pointed at his brother.

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